Fajr Prayer Time Los Angeles

Fajr Prayer Time Los Angeles

Fajr prayer, the pre-dawn prayer in Islam, holds great significance for Muslims. It’s crucial to know the accurate Fajr prayer time in Los Angeles, as it varies throughout the year. In this article, we provide you with monthly prayer timings, ensuring you can fulfill your religious obligations on time

Monthly Fajr Prayer Timings in Los Angeles:

MonthFajr Prayer Time
January5:30 AM
February5:25 AM
March5:10 AM
April4:50 AM
May4:35 AM
June4:25 AM
July4:30 AM
August4:45 AM
September5:00 AM
October5:15 AM
November5:25 AM
December5:30 AM

Understanding Fajr Prayer:

Fajr, the first of the five daily prayers in Islam, is performed at dawn before the sun rises. It’s a spiritual act of worship, a moment to connect with God and seek His guidance and blessings. To ensure you don’t miss this significant prayer, you must be aware of the Fajr prayer time in Los Angeles.

The Importance of Prayer Timing:

Prayer timings can vary based on your geographical location and the time of year. Los Angeles, with its diverse climate, experiences shifting daylight hours throughout the year. This means that the Fajr prayer time in Los Angeles changes from month to month.

How to Use the Monthly Timings:

To use the provided monthly prayer timings effectively, simply look up the corresponding month and the time listed in the table. Make sure to adjust for any differences between your specific location in Los Angeles and the general city time. Accurate prayer timing can be essential for observing your daily religious duties.


Knowing the Fajr prayer time in Los Angeles is essential for Muslims living in the city. By using the monthly table provided in this article and understanding the importance of Fajr prayer, you can easily plan and perform your Fajr prayer with punctuality and devotion. Remember that the exact prayer times may vary slightly depending on your precise location within Los Angeles, so consult with your local mosque or an Islamic prayer time app for the most accurate and up-to-date information.



What is Fajr prayer?

Fajr prayer, also known as the dawn prayer, is one of the five daily prayers in Islam. It is performed before sunrise, during the twilight period, and holds great significance in the Islamic faith.

Why do Fajr prayer times vary in Los Angeles?

Fajr prayer times vary due to the changing length of daylight hours throughout the year. Los Angeles experiences these variations, making it essential to keep updated with the monthly timings.

How can I determine the exact Fajr prayer time for my specific location in Los Angeles?

The times provided are general for the city. To determine the exact Fajr prayer time for your location, you can consult your local mosque, use a reliable Islamic prayer time app, or check with online resources specifically designed for accurate prayer time calculations.

Is it important to pray Fajr on time?

Yes, it is essential to perform Fajr prayer on time as it is the first act of worship in the day and is highly emphasized in Islam. It is believed to bring numerous blessings and guidance when performed punctually.

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