Is Cava Halal?

Is Cava Halal For Muslims (Chicken, Lamb, Restaurant)

In this article we will clearly tell you the halal and haram status of cava dishes.


CAVA’s food is mostly not halal, as it might contain ingredients not compliant with Islamic dietary rules. Among their meat dishes, the “Bruised Lamb” is the only halal-certified option, but its availability varies.

For those with plant-based preferences, CAVA offers diverse vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Famous for Mediterranean-inspired dishes, CAVA is a go-to for casual get-togethers.

Keep in mind that while the “Bruised Lamb” is halal, shared kitchen equipment might pose cross-contamination risks for strict halal adherents.

Is CAVA chicken Halal?

Absolutely, yes! CAVA offers a range of vegan and vegetarian alternatives that cater to diverse dietary needs. Here are some delightful options to consider:

1. **Falafel:** Crafted from chickpeas, herbs, and parsley.
2. **Hummus:** A blend of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, and kosher salt.
3. **RightRice:** A nutritious mix of high-protein, high-fiber grains like lentils, chickpeas, and peas.

For those following a Halal diet but avoiding pork and other forbidden meats, these vegan and vegetarian choices can satisfy your cravings. Before your next visit, be sure to explore CAVA’s array of vegan options! See Also: Is TRB Coin Halal or Haram?

What Is Considered Halal or Haram for Muslims In Islam?

Halal (Permissible):

  • Meat from animals slaughtered following Islamic guidelines.
  • Fish with scales.
  • Fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

Haram (Forbidden):

  • Pork and its by-products.
  • Animals not slaughtered properly.
  • Carnivorous animals and birds of prey.
  • Alcohol and intoxicants.

Islamic dietary laws guide what Muslims can and cannot consume, ensuring food adheres to religious principles.

As a Muslim should you go to CAVA restaurants?

As a Muslim, dining at CAVA restaurants depends on your dietary choices and comfort level. While many meat dishes are not halal-certified, you can consider the “Bruised Lamb” or vegan options. Be mindful of shared kitchen equipment for cross-contamination concerns.


1. Is CAVA’s Meat Halal? 

Certainly, some of the meat at CAVA is halal-certified. The restaurant’s halal status has been verbally confirmed by their staff.

2. Is CAVA Zabiha Halal?

 According to their social media profiles, the only item considered zabiha halal at CAVA is the braised lamb.

3. Is the Chicken at Cava Halal?

 Absolutely! CAVA provides a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

4. Is Cava’s Braised Lamb Spicy?

 Indeed, the braised lamb is generously spiced and slow-cooked over 3-4 hours for a tender, flavorful result.


In conclusion, while Cava restaurants aren’t fully halal, they remain an option for devout Muslims. It’s crucial to scrutinize ingredients before ordering to ensure they align with your dietary needs.

This overview should enhance your understanding of CAVA’s Halal offerings. Feel free to reach out for any clarifications. Enjoy your meal!

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