Khansi Ki Dua

Read the “Khansi ki Dua” mentioned in this article. This Khansi ki Dua can be recited for various throat ailments.

Khansi Ki Dua

Khansi Ki Dua

The “Khansi Ki Dua” is a prayer for coughs and throat troubles. People believe saying this prayer can help them feel better. It’s like asking for help from God when your throat hurts.

Balgam Wali Khansi Ki Dua

Balgam Khansi Ki Dua

The “Balgam Wali Khansi Ki Dua” is a prayer specifically for coughs with phlegm. When someone has a cough with mucus, they can recite this prayer to ask for relief and healing. It’s like asking for help from God to feel better when coughing with mucus. See Also: Nazar Ki Dua


To sum up, the “Khansi Ki Dua” is like a special Islamic prayer for coughs. People say it to feel better when their throats hurt. It shows how faith can help us feel better when we’re not well.

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