Safar ki Dua in Urdu

Safar ki Dua in Urdu

The ‘Safar ki Dua’ in Urdu is a special prayer for protection during trips in Islam. It asks for God’s guidance and blessings for a safe journey. Learning about it brings comfort to those going on travels.

Safar ki Dua in Urdu

Here is the translation of Safar ki Dua in Urdu:

اللہ تعالیٰ کے نام کے ساتھ سفر شروع کرتا ہوں،اللہ پر میں نے بھروسہ کیا ،اے اللہ! آپ ہی کی مدد سے جاتا ہوں اور آپ ہی کی مدد سے واپس آتاہوں اور آپ ہی کی مددسے چلتا ہوں، اے اللہ ! آپ ہی رفیق ہیں سفر میں اور خبر گیر ہیں گھر بار میں۔

Safar ki Dua in Urdu


To wrap up our look at the ‘Safar ki Dua’ in Urdu, we understand that it’s a special prayer asking for safety and blessings on journeys in the Islamic faith. This straightforward but strong prayer connects with people who want God’s help and comfort as they start their travels.


What is the purpose of the ‘Safar ki Dua’ in Urdu?

The purpose of this prayer is to seek protection, guidance, and blessings from Allah for a safe journey in Islamic tradition.

When should one recite the ‘Safar ki Dua’?

It is recommended to recite this dua before starting a journey. It serves as a supplication for a safe and secure travel experience.

Can the ‘Safar ki Dua’ be recited in any language?

While the original Safar ki dua is in Arabic, it is permissible to recite Safar ki Dua in Engish and Urdu, as long as the meaning remains intact.

Is the ‘Safar ki Dua’ only for long journeys?

No, the dua can be recited before any type of journey, whether short or long. Its purpose is to seek divine protection and guidance in all travel situations.

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