Muslim Boy Names – Islamic Names for Boys with Meanings

Muslim Boy Names – Islamic Names for Boys with Meanings

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a big decision, especially in Islamic traditions. It’s not just about labels; names have a deep spiritual and cultural significance. Muslim boy names, often rooted in Arabic, have beautiful meanings and are chosen with the hope that they will influence the child’s character and future.

Muslim Boy Names

Muslim Boys’ Names

Serial No. Name Meaning
1 Aariz Respectable, leader
2 Aasim Protector, one who refrains from sin
3 Adnan Settler, proper name
4 Afnan Tree branches, blossoms
5 Ahsan Gracious, best
6 Ahzab Groups, confederates
7 Aiman Blessed, lucky
8 Amin Trustworthy, faithful
9 Ammar Long-lived, builder
10 Anas Companion, friend
11 Arham Merciful, kind
12 Arif Knowledgeable, wise
13 Asad Lion, courageous
14 Asher Happy, fortunate
15 Ayman Righteous, blessed
16 Bilal Caller to prayer, first muezzin
17 Daoud Arabic form of David, beloved
18 Danish Knowledge, wisdom
19 Ehsan Benevolence, goodness
20 Emad Pillar of strength
21 Faisal Judge, arbiter
22 Farid Unique, incomparable
23 Fawaz Successful, victorious
24 Feroz Victorious, successful
25 Ghazi Conqueror, warrior
26 Hadi Guide, leader
27 Hakeem Wise, knowledgeable
28 Hamza Strong, steadfast
29 Haris Guardian, protector
30 Hashim Generous, forbearing
31 Imran Prosperous, flourishing
32 Iqbal Prosperity, good fortune
33 Isa Arabic form of Jesus, prophet
34 Ismail God hears, prophet’s name
35 Iyad Support, reinforcement
36 Jabir Comforter, consoler
37 Jafar Stream, rivulet
38 Jalal Glory, majesty
39 Jamal Beauty, grace
40 Javed Immortal, eternal
41 Kamil Perfect, complete
42 Karim Generous, noble
43 Kasim Divider, distributor
44 Khalid Eternal, immortal
45 Khayyam Tent maker, poet
46 Labib Sensible, intelligent
47 Majid Glorious, noble
48 Malik King, master
49 Mamun Trusted, reliable
50 Mansoor Victorious, triumphant
51 Muntasir Victorious, triumphant
52 Mustafa Chosen one, the prophet Muhammad
53 Nadeem Companion, friend
54 Nadir Rare, precious
55 Naseer Helper, supporter
56 Nasir Helper, supporter
57 Noman Pure, clean
58 Qasim Divider, distributor
59 Raheel Traveler, one who departs
60 Rauf Compassionate, kind
61 Razi Satisfied, content
62 Riaz Gardens, paradise
63 Saad Felicity, happiness
64 Saif Sword, warrior
65 Salah Righteousness, prayer
66 Sami Elevated, exalted
67 Sarmad Eternal, perpetual
68 Shafiq Compassionate, kind
69 Shahid Witness, martyr
70 Sohail Gentle, mild
71 Tariq Morning star, conqueror
72 Usman Trustworthy, baby’s name
73 Waheed Unique, singular
74 Wajid Finder, discoverer
75 Yaseen One of the Prophet Muhammad’s names
76 Yasir Wealthy, well-off
77 Youssef Arabic form of Joseph, the prophet’s name
78 Yusuf Arabic form of Joseph, the prophet’s name
79 Zafar Victory, triumph
80 Zaid Growth, abundance
81 Zain Beauty, grace
81 Zakariya Prophet Zechariah
82 Zaki Pure, virtuous
83 Zayd Growth, abundance
84 Ziya Light, glow
85 Zubair Strong, powerful
86 Zuhair Bright, shining
87 Zulfiqar Sword of Imam Ali
88 Zumar Group, throng
89 Zuwaytir Small piece of cloth
90 Abbas Lion
91 Abdullah Servant of God
92 Abid Worshipper, devout
93 Abu Bakr Companion of the Prophet
94 Adeel Just, equitable
95 Adil Righteous, fair
96 Afzal Excellence, superior
97 Ahmad Praiseworthy, most commendable
98 Akbar Greater, greatest
99 Akil Wise, intelligent
100 Alam World, universe
101 Ali Noble, exalted
102 Amjad Glorious, magnificent
103 Amr Command, authority
104 Arslan Lion, fearless
105 Ayyub Patient, enduring
106 Azhar Bright, radiant
107 Daud Arabic form of David, beloved
108 Elyas Arabic form of Elias, prophet’s name
109 Fahim Understanding, wise
110 Farhan Joyful, happy
111 Feroze Successful, victorious
112 Ghazi Conqueror, warrior
113 Haider Lion, brave
114 Hameed Praiseworthy, commendable
115 Hamid Praising, appreciative
116 Hassan Handsome, good
117 Hatim Wise, generous
118 Ihab Gift, favor
119 Ihsan Kindness, benevolence
120 Israr Secret, hidden
121 Izzat Honor, respect
122 Jameel Beautiful, handsome
123 Javed Immortal, eternal
124 Kabir Great, powerful
125 Kalim Speaker, talker
126 Kamal Perfection, excellence
127 Kareem Generous, noble
128 Kashif Discoverer, revealer
129 Khalil Friend, companion
130 Luqman A wise person
131 Mahir Skilled, proficient
132 Majid Glorious, noble
133 Masood Fortunate, happy
134 Mubarak Blessed, fortunate
135 Mudassir Wrapped in a garment
136 Muhammad The praised one, the prophet
137 Munir Shining, radiant
138 Musa Arabic form of Moses, prophet
139 Mustafa Chosen one, the prophet Muhammad
140 Nasir Helper, supporter
141 Naveed Glad tidings, good news
142 Omar Long-lived, flourishing
143 Raheem Most merciful
144 Rashid Guided, righteous
145 Saadiq Truthful, sincere
146 Sabir Patient, enduring
147 Salman Safe, secure
148 Suhail Gentle, mild
149 Talal Nice, admirable
150 Tariq Morning star, conqueror

Understanding the Importance of Choosing a Name for Your Baby Boy

Choosing your baby boy’s name is a lifelong decision. It reflects his identity and can impact his self-esteem and sense of belonging. In Muslim tradition, a meaningful name is believed to bring blessings and shape a child’s destiny, making the choice even more significant. See Also: Surah Al-Mulk Transliteration in English and Roman

Islamic Naming Traditions

In Islamic naming traditions, it is common to name a child after a Prophet, a noble figure from Islamic history, or using names that have positive meanings associated with them. The names often have references to Allah or draw inspiration from the Quran.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Muslim Boy Name

Meaning and Symbolism

The meaning and symbolism of a name are important factors to consider when choosing a Muslim boy name. Parents often seek names that have positive connotations and reflect their hopes for their child’s future. Names like Abdullah, which means “servant of Allah”, and Sufian, which means “pure” or “sincere”, carry deep symbolic meanings.

Uniqueness and Popularity

While it is important to choose a name with a beautiful meaning, some parents also consider the uniqueness and popularity of a name. They may want a name that is not too common, yet not too unusual. They want their child to have a distinct identity without having a name that is difficult to pronounce or remember.

Compatibility with Last Name and Siblings’ Names

Another factor to consider is the compatibility of the chosen name with the family’s last name and the names of older siblings. The name should flow well and sound harmonious when said together. It is also important to consider any potential cultural or religious associations that may arise from the combination of names.

Common Muslim Boy Names

Popular Muslim Boy Names from A-F

Popular Muslim boy names from A to F carry meaningful and cultural significance. Aariz and Aasim symbolize leadership and protection. Adnan and Afnan connect to heritage and nature. Ahsan and Ahzab represent graciousness and unity. Names like Aiman, Amin, and Ammar signify blessedness, trustworthiness, and longevity. Anas and Arham emphasize friendship and mercy. Asad and Asher evoke courage and happiness, making these names a reflection of noble qualities.

Popular Muslim Boy Names from G-M

Muslim boy names from G to M carry significant meanings and cultural importance. Ghazi and Hadi represent bravery and guidance, while Hakeem and Hamza reflect wisdom and strength. Haris and Hashim denote guardianship and generosity. Imran and Iqbal signify prosperity and fortune, and Isa and Ismail connect with the revered prophets. Iyad and Jabir highlight support and comfort, and Jalal and Jamal embody glory and beauty. Javed and Kamil represent immortality and perfection, and Karim and Kasim symbolize generosity and distribution. Khalid and Khayyam signify eternal and skilled, rounding out this diverse collection of meaningful names.

Popular Muslim Boy Names from N-Z

Popular Muslim boy names from N to Z offer diverse and meaningful choices. Nadeem to Zain, these names convey qualities like companionship, support, purity, and bravery. They hold cultural significance and reflect noble qualities that parents wish for their sons.

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