Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Read the best Islamic Quotes in Urdu. These quotes are very beautiful and religious.

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Islamic Quotes in Urdu Text

Here are some Best Islamic Quotes in Urdu Text.

Tum Syed bhi ho Mirza bhi ho Afghan bhi ho
Tum sabhi kuch ho بتاو ke musalman bhi ho ?.

Quran kareem ka sirf mutalea hi nah kya karo
balkay is ko samajhney ki ki bhi koshish karo.

Zindagi ka raaz yahi hai ke jahan raho
Jis haalat mein raho, khush raho mutmaen raho.

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Islamic Quotes in Urdu 2 lines

چل جتنا بی ہو جائے قرآن کو پڑھ جائیں
مومن تو نی لیکن مسلمان تو بن جائیں

قوت عشق سے ہر پست کو بلا کر دے
دہر میں اسم محمد ( صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم ) سے اجالا کر د

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In conclusion, Islamic quotes in Urdu offer valuable insights and inspiration from the teachings of Islam. These quotes, expressed in the eloquent Urdu language, carry profound wisdom about compassion, patience, and gratitude. They serve as a timeless guide for believers, reminding them of the principles that lead to a righteous life. The poetic charm of Urdu enhances the impact of these messages, making them resonate deeply. By embracing these Islamic quotes, may we find strength and inspiration to lead lives filled with kindness and a strong connection with the divine. Let these words guide us toward spiritual enlightenment and a fulfilling journey of faith.

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